Curriculum Overview

Young children need to create, discover, explore, experiment and develop a love for learning. They need to feel comfortable with themselves and their environment. Play is a natural approach to learning where the child engages in an activity because he enjoys what he or she is doing. If they are having fun they will be learning.

Computer Center

Age Appropriate

Math and reading readiness skills are reinforced using the latest software programs. Cooperative play and language skills are developed as children work together.

Reading Readiness

Alphabet recognition, sound symbol relationships, word recognition and skills necessary to read are taught as the children develop a love for reading books.

Math Readiness

Develop basic math and problem solving skills by using a concrete, hands-on, experimental approach. A wide variety of math materials are available.

Outdoor Play

Our large outdoor play space offers individual and group exploration and play. Children experiment and explore in a natural setting that stimulates their senses, develops their bodies and encourages social interaction.

Social Studies

Discovering Me & My World – focuses on the topics: My Self, My Family, My Community, and My environment. Learning experiences are designed to engage children’s interest, involve their minds, and help them understand themselves, other people and the rich cultural diversity of the world in which they live.

Dramatic Play and Family Living

Children love to use props and costumes to act out the real world around them as they develop social and language skills.