Keystone STARS

We are a Keystone 4 STARS center!!

Keystone STARS is:

  • Pennsylvania’s program to improve the quality of child care.
  • A voluntary program that recognizes Department of Public Welfare (DPW) regulated child care providers who exceed state health and safety licensing requirements.
  • Available to all providers regulated by DPW.
  • A quality rating system beginning with the Start With STARS level and progressing up through a STAR One, Two, Three, or Four designation.
  • A valuable tool to increase parental and community awareness of the importance of quality child care.

How do we attain the highest rating?

  • All staff attends 24 hours of training annually.
  • Activities are designed to encourage natural communication, both written and verbal, in a variety of situations.
  • Children are encouraged to talk about their reasons for their actions, and the reasons why certain objects are used for various activities.
  • Books are organized in a reading center, and children are encouraged to use them throughout the day.
  • Parental and community resources are used effectively in the delivery of quality child care.
  • Provider maximizes business, organizational and staff compensation practices.
  • External assessment with environmental rating scale (ITERS/ECERS/SACERS/FDRS) that indicates a high score corresponding with quality outcomes for children.
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